kevin smith makes a wish come true

This weekend at Comic Con, we got to fulfill a wish for some really nice and talented people (more on the Galacticast blog). It was a pleasure all the way; Kevin Smith couldn’t be a cooler or nicer guy, and he clearly genuinely appreciates things like this. There’s a very funny second chapter to this story, actually, involving his overzealous volunteer honor guard, but you’ll see that soon enough, when we launch PulpSecret.

update: anyone hearing about Galacticast for the first time, it’s a very funny videoblog made by Casey McKinnon and Rudy Jahchan that features ingenious sci-fi parodies every week, all made at home on shoestring budgets. The excerpt you see in the beginning here is from their soon to be classic Galactifund episode.

7 Responses to “kevin smith makes a wish come true”

  1. Steve Woolf Says:

    So awesome. Did you just walk up to the guy and stick it in his face?

  2. Josh Leo Says:

    Yeah I am curious to know how you shoved yourself in there between the storm troopers and can’t wait for the guard confrontation!

  3. tim Says:

    I just waited and then politely got Kevin’s attention. He’s a genuine nice guy. I had a press pass, which made it easier to move around — technically, I had more access than the stormtroopers, who were actually just fans in costumes they owned. They were role-playing as security guards pretty seriously, but they had purchased weekend passes like any other attendee. Funniest bit: the guy who was acting like Kevin Smith’s handler and getting in Sean’s (our cameraman’s) face, was not actually with Kevin — he was with the stormtroopers.

  4. Clintus Says:

    Kick ass man. That is so cool on so many levels. Bravo…

  5. Mickipedia Says:

    ha you’re the best, tim!

  6. Casey Says:

    Many months ago Amanda Congdon gave us some good advice… do something with Tim. We are glad to have gotten to know you and look forward to doing more with you in the future ;) Thanks so much for this, Tim.

  7. Bill C. Says:

    Way to go, Tim! :D

    And GOOD WORK to Sean for staying on the shot even though that guy with the stormtroopers was trying so hard to be annoying! :D

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