Haves and Have-Nots

Last night, as I looked at all the photos tagged “iphone” rolling in on Flickr, I wanted to capture all the iconic first photos people would inevitably take with their new iPhone once they got it. At the same time, I wondered, can an iPhone buy happiness*? So I started two competing groups at the same time: Photos of me with an iPhone, and Photos of me without an iPhone. Here are some of my favorite photos posted in the last 12 hours so far:

The Haves

Xeni Jardin covered the line for BoingBoing with Sean Bonner, a Have-Not.

me with the Phone
Andrew Mager, who covered San Francisco.

Elsie Flannigan

Daily Self Portrait (43) 2007-06-29
vernhart, trying to decide whether to open the box or not.

The Have Nots

first photo with(out) the iphone
Dana Robinson’s photo inspired me to start the pool.

Micki drinks her first coconut at Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai.
Micki Krimmel is perfectly happy in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

No iphone, but I'm happy with what I got
Josh Leo’s happy enough in West Michigan.

Action Girl’s got the old-skool bling.

Paul Dateh, and gorilla can not has iPhone.

Lots more great ones in there. Got a photo with or without? Please add it to one of the pools: Haves | Have-Nots

*For a little extra fun, check out the first episode of Technology Show Internet, where they see if anyone in the Fifth Ave Apple Store line can really say, “iDeserve iPhone.”

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