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hey, everybody - just a note about the changes to besides the obvious new background, a drawing of mine from the old exotopia site, you can also now switch back to the old layout & background if you like.* thanks to Sunil for having such neatly written code so i could figure out how to do this, and to W3Schools for having such a handy CSS2 Reference.

Sending email is as easy as clicking the “write me” link once again, thanks to the very cool Enkoder Form v5.0. (Although i still think he may have the best scam yet for harvesting email addresses. Dan: get a privacy statement up!)

Last, you may have noticed the RSS feed has slimmed down to just short descriptions now, because’s the best place to read, and there’s a lot on the way.

*update: had to turn off the ability to switch between style sheets for a while as the javascript was causing problems in mozilla. dang. sorry.


04.23.2003: fun with puffballs
via Neil Gaiman’s site.

04.28.2003: finally (+podWorks)
if you live in a cave, apple’s new music service is out. some initial thoughts, and links to some helpful software, like PodWorks. archives