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Just how fast is Friendster growing? Thinking more about Tom’s post the other day, and especially this part:

It’s such a shame we didn’t figure all this out earlier - I’d love to have tracked this stuff in some way - see a graph of how the member numbers have gone up over time.

It came to me that it might be really easy to do. Taking a sampling of around 22 people from my Friendster network, and noting which month they joined and their sequentially assigned user ID, I was able to get at least one sample from each month Friendster seems to have been around, starting with user ID 101, Jonathan. After that, a graph was easy, although the results weren’t too surprising.




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Apparently, sixdegrees had over 1 million users in 1998 (Link via Eszter’s Blog). From what I remember, though (I had some contact with sixdegrees in a professional role), few of those users were connected to one another in any significant way. A lot of people saw the ads and signed up at the time, and never found many friends online. Friendster’s growth has been much more based on word of mouth, and the makeup of Friendster’s 1 million is already a lot different than who was on - a lot’s changed since 1998.

Posted by tim at August 1, 2003 07:30 PM

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