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Eigenradio, a project at the MIT Media Lab, distills the broadcasts of dozens of simultaneous radio stations and attempts to recombine the values to create “statistically optimal music.” From their site:

Eigenradio plays only the most important frequencies, only the beats with the highest entropy. If you took a bunch of music and asked it, “Music, what are you, really?” you’d hear Eigenradio singing back at you. When you’re tuned in to Eigenradio, you always know that you’re hearing the latest, rawest, most statistically separable thing you can possibly put in your ear.

The resulting music? When I was listening, it wasn’t hard to imagine it as the latest work by Michael Gordon, or at least, music that might have gone equally well with Decasia. It’s most surprising when a clearly discernible strain comes through for a little while, like “Like Glue” by Sean Paul, and because of its source material, it does have a nice, complex, analog sound, even when it’s creepy, jarring, or unlistenable.

Open up in your MP3 player (WinAmp, iTunes, etc) to listen in.

Link credit: Jim Andrews via Rhizome.


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