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Wonkette, apparently launched Friday, is a long-rumored roundup of DC and political gossip from Gawker media. That some other D.C. bloggers and I were going to do this as a joke is no reason it can’t work. In its favor: Wonkette’s edited by Ana Marie Cox, whom I hadn’t run across before but whose personal site is very good. Against it is, well, what’s against all of us here — the city of D.C., which, through no fault of its own, can be a hard place to get people interested in. Sure, there’s plenty going on, but most the time, I get the feeling my NYC friends couldn’t give a damn, when they can walk out their doors and run into just about anything. Case in point: recent Wonkette posts complained about too many people sending in sightings of D.C. celebs over age 80, and linked to an article about underage drinking from the GW college newspaper. Are we that boring? One almost wonders if this is a stunt just for New Yorkers to pick on us again, like that infamous Frank Rich article.

Link, oddly, via plasticbag.


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