October 20, 2004

Amy Sedaris, Jerri Blank and Me.


Ever since I was introduced to the first season of Strangers With Candy I have loved the hilariously irreverent, super smart series and especially the offensive, disgusting, adoreable and loveable Jerri Blank character (brought to brilliant life by the one and only Amy Sedaris).

This Saturday in Billy’s Bakery on 10th Ave & 21st I spotted the amazingly talented Amy Sedaris who has more funny bones than regular bones. I said to my friend, “Living in New York and seeing celebrities all the time makes me completely unfazed by them but there are three celebrities that can tongue tie me: Jon Stewart, Bjork and Amy Sedaris.”

I walked up to her and asked if I could take a picture with her. She sweetly replied, “Oh, sure!” and then pointed at my engagement ring mischeviously and said, “If I can wear that!” Suddenly I became dorkier and more psychotic by the second and replied, “Really?! Of course you can!” while thinking, “OH MY GOD!! WHAT’S HAPPENING?!?!” Then I told her that I love Jerri Blank and she immediately went into character and said, “Oh good, then I’ll play Jerri Blank!” Nearly brain damaged with delight, I leaned into her (exuberant nerd face exhibited above), she lifted her mug so the ring was a-sparkling, I took the picture in my characteristic way and when I looked at the viewfinder I saw that she was Jerri Blank. For a second, I was able to hang out with Jerri (and Jonah was momentarily engaged to Jerri). Now with this post, I am also able to immortalize my fervent dorkdom.

She was so nice and cute and as I buzzed out of Billy’s, I think a cab ran over my foot but I’m not sure.

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