October 11, 2004

Christopher Reeve

superman03What a bittersweet picture this famous still is now, a dispatch from a now-vanished world.

The Beat was lucky enough to see Christopher Reeve in person a couple of years ago at a press conference promoting his appearance on SMALLVILLE. Upon his entrance into the room, the initial reaction, to be honest, was pity. But then he began speaking and Reeve’s essential presence, charisma and intelligence came shining through. STILL ME, he called his autobiography. One couldn’t help but be inspired by the powerful humanity that burned within the the almost useless body.

What a brave, brave man. As several people have said, he played a superhero, then he became one. How many other people have taken such an overwhelming personal tragedy and used it to help and inspire others? It was a life lived to its fullest, and lots of people who aren’t in wheelchairs can’t say that.

The Beat sends condolences to Reeve’s family and friends.

Edited to add: to help continue Reeve’s fight, go to The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation website, as well as the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center.