October 07, 2004

Hey Howard, what about broadband?

As everyone in the free world now knows, Howard Stern has signed a five year deal with Sirius Satellite Radio. After his Viacom contract ends in 15 months, Howard will move his radio show over to Sirius and get three channels to play with as part of the deal.

I feel personally honored to have been listening to the Stern show when he made this historic announcement. It is a bold step in the very right direction for Howard and the entire radio business.

Aside from wishing that I had been sitting at my desk listening so I could have purchase a bunch of Sirius stock the moment he said it, the next thing that came to mind was, will he move the television show to broadband? After all, what he’s going to be able to do in satellite radio will put E! over the edge - so how about a “real” broadband show. Obviously, Howard does not have the ratings power on TV that he has on the radio. But a live, subscription-based broadband show from the Sirius satellite radio studios would be an excellent jumpstart to that industry as well.

So, come on Howard. As soon as all of the hype and hoopla dies down, give us a call and we’ll set you up with a broadband site that will set the advanced media industry on fire!