October 28, 2004

iPod Gets Pix

Indexphotothumbs10262004 Apple has just announced the color iPod with Pix. Wow! The newest member of the iPod family, iPod Photo comes in two sizes: a 40GB model, available for $499, and a capacious 60GB model that sells for $599. Both feature a razor sharp LCD display that lets you see your photos in vivid color — 65,536 colors, to be exact. And with its built-in backlighting, you’ll be able to admire those photos indoors or out.

Once again, the future is obvious - Apple wants to be the center of your personal media life. Although they have about 65% of the personal music player market, they are looking ahead to the rest of the media you use every day - and it’s a smart play.

Yes, these little gems are too expensive and yes, their value can be calculated in the category of parlor trick. And, it’s true that seeing pictures on a device of this type is not as emotionally satisfying as some of the more traditional choices.

That being said, this is a very future thinking little toy. These new iPods remind me of the very first Sony Walkman audio cassette player which took Sony to its multi-national status. Hey, wait a minute … why is a computer company taking Sony’s rightful place as the pre-eminent, bleeding edge purveyor of personal electronics? That, Ladies and Gentlemen is the real question. See you at CES.