October 04, 2004

on reBlogging

I’ve just wrapped up a two-week stint as guest reBlogger for Eyebeam, which was a great experience, though pretty demanding: each of the dozen or so reBloggers so far, including me, has added XML feeds to the initial set they launched with, and at this point there are well over 100 feeds to try to keep up with and select the best posts for the reBlog’s readers. Though I could barely handle it on top of existing projects, I couldn’t pass up the chance to take the helm for a while, as the reBlog is one of my only must-read sites, and it was a real challenge to see if I could keep up the quality, while maybe introducing something new here and there. While I have no idea if I succeeded at the former, I did feel after about a week or so that I had begun to figure a few things out.

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