October 30, 2004

Moby's new shoppe

MobyIt seems electronica god Moby is really into this comics thing. He’s been seen hanging around MOCCA in New York, and now he’s opening new boutique/pop culture store called The Little Idiot on the Lower East Side that will have a number of comics tie-ins. Moby already opened a tea shop, TeaNY, nearby [with Kelly Tisdale, who deserves more than half the credit. —ts]. The opening is this Saturday. The shop will include clothing designed by Moby, James Kochalka, Sara Varon, and other NYC cartoonists. Kochalka designed new characters for the clothes, “a little bear named Pascal, and Creston, the strange creature who is his friend.” Kochalka will also have artwork on display and for sale in the store.

Relevant info:

The Little Idiots Collective
231B Eldridge St.
New York, NY 10002

Opening, Saturday, October 30th.

The store has a website, but it’s “coming soon” as they say.