October 11, 2004

Newsweek's interactive voter guide

Xeni Jardin: Brian Braiker and the folks at Newsweekhave created a fantastic online feature — kind of like an “electoral college for dummies” app.

NEWSWEEK has compiled a state-by-state guide of what to watch for in the coming weeks. Click on your state to see how it voted in 2000 and what the key factors are in the remaining days before Nov. 2. And remember: Just because any given state may appear guaranteed to vote for one candidate over the other, that’s no excuse not to go out and pull the lever (or touch the screen) on election day — especially when you consider the many close races for the Senate, where the Republicans currently hold a precarious one-seat majority. If 2000 taught the electorate anything, it’s that every vote counts.
Link. Dig that UI.

BoingBoing reader John adds, “While electoral-vote.com doesn’t describe the environment of each state as well, the site updates the probable outcome of the election daily based on polls. It provides all sorts or graphs and spreadsheets as well. It’s got a nice, non-flash, interface to boot. Link. “