October 29, 2004

Secular saint of the future


Tron (I kid you not) theatre company are staging a play about Delia Derbyshire [official site, Wikipedia] the co-composer / performer of the Dr. Who theme, amongst her other pioneering works at the Radiophonic Workshop [BBC, Wikipedia]

In their words:

“But there is much more to Delia’s story then one totemic piece of music. Through Delia, her creativity and personal life, the show will explore the imaginative landscape of post-war Britain, the advent of the space race and of psychedelia, the impact of mass broadcast media and of new technology on the creation of music, and above all what it was that made so many people in the 1960s look to the future for their inspiration”
Don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of my buttons pushed. I doubt they will tour Helsinki, however.

I love the picture of her* (above) that they have used for the promotional material for the play. Defiant stare, hugging the tech of her trade. A devotional image for disciples of futures past.

Our lady Delia of the tape-loop.

* I assume, perhaps it’s the actress that plays her in the production