October 29, 2004

Send 19secret: Anonymous Text Messages

anonsms-homepageflowchart.gif 19secret.com, launched today by Beep Interactive Pty Ltd, is a service that allows people to send anonymous and masked ( spoofed ) SMS messages from their mobile phone. (Company press release).

Usually when you send an SMS, the sender s number is displayed and the recipient can identify whom it is from. With 19secret you can hide the sender s number (an anonymous SMS) or replace it with another name or number (masked SMS).

With numerous applications, 19secret is expected to appeal to the late teenager/early 20s markets. Potential applications include:

- Sending a secret admirer SMS, before you have the courage to approach a girl/boy you like.

- Ask friends to send you feedback on a certain topic in the form of an anonymous message. Without as much risk of personally offending, answers are more likely to be direct and truthful.

- Send an anonymous tip-off (e.g. a friend s boyfriend is cheating on them) thereby avoiding the “shoot the messenger” mentality.

- If you leave your phone at home, or it is out of power, you can borrow a friend’s phone, send a message and make sure any response is sent back to your phone.