October 14, 2004

The Gameboyzz Orchestra Project

The Gameboyzz Orchestra Project , well, the title says it all, is an experimental sound - visual project, by 6 Polish artists using GameBoy console as a music instrument, in an ironic imitation of contemporary electronic scene, where musicians vie with the latest technological progress.


From a musician’s point of view a GameBoy device is a kind of simple analogue synthesiser, with a raw and at the same time interesting retro-sound. While connected with a suitable software it can be used as drum machine or groovebox. Console’s interface is rather poor (few buttons only), so sound structures created by us must be rather simple, too. This is also the reason for having 6 players - the more players the sound environment is more complex.

Upcoming live performances at Fuzja Dzwieku (Wroclaw, Poland), 16 November; Landowski Space, 20 November in Paris and at STEIM , 21 November in Amsterdam.