October 29, 2004

The House of Wigs

This copywriter’s blog is great. For example

I mean, what’s wrong with treating something as a day job? Day jobs are perfectly respectable. We’re all here to make rent money by tricking people into buying things, right, so why try to elevate it? Is it because you’ve been forced to admit that you’re never going to be a writer or painter or CEO because you’re not good enough and anyway now you have to fake-tan your disappointed spouse and be emotionally supportive of your ever-growing brood of white gangstas and so a) you need lots of cash and b) you’d rather work long hours than go home to that, and c) you need to pretend that making web banners is somehow meaningful or else the weight of a lifetime of failure and shame will crush you right to death? Yes of course it is! Ahaha I figured it out.

(via CP)