October 22, 2004

Times Square Billboard Asks New Yorkers to Vote

timessquare.jpg New Yorkers aren’t exactly shy about voicing their opinions, and in this election year everyone wants their voice to be heard and their vote to be counted.

For the first time ever, an interactive billboard in Times Square is serving as a public forum for New Yorkers to debate, “What is beautiful?”. As they cast their vote via cell-phone, a running tally appears in real-time on the billboard and the website simultaneously, Campaign for Real Beauty.

This is the first time cell phones have been used not only to vote directly to a Times Square billboard but also the first time the vote actually appears on the billboard itself.

So what is everyone talking about? The image of Irene Sinclair, a 96 year old woman and first-time model whose wrinkled face joins those of supermodels on other Times Square billboards. Irene’s image stands sixty-nine feet high and forty-four feet wide above the Marriott Marquis (46th & Broadway). New Yorkers decide if she’s “Wrinkled?” or “Wonderful?” as the ad questions “Will society ever accept old can be beautiful?”

The interactive billboard is part of beauty brand Dove’s global Campaign for Real Beauty, which challenges the stereotypical view of beauty. [Company press release].

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