November 25, 2004

Books to your mobile via WINKsite

Originally posted by Thomas from Smart Mobs, reBlogged by ts

Mobile media technology developer WINKsite has launched the Creative Commons Library for mobile users. The Library puts a variety of CC-licensed texts two clicks away from browser-enabled mobile devices.

Mobile books, or “WINKbooks” are texts designed to be read on a web-enabled mobile phone.

a concept still in its relative infancy - partly due to the technology barrier that needs to be overcome by many prospective users. The idea that paper and ink should be forsaken for mobile phones is enough to make readers give an almost Luddite shudder. How can any mobile device approach the ergonomics and durability of a good quality book or reading the text on a PC or notebook? Who will read a book on a phone? Replacement however, is not the point. It’s all about distribution.

You see, there is a revolution going on all over the world. People from Japan to India to Europe to the United States and South America are engaging content on mobile devices in record numbers - in fact mobile access to the Internet has already surpassed desktop access. For tens of millions their mobile phone is their one and only pipeline onto the Internet, to knowledge it contains, and to each other. Their entire “connected” world is what they can publish and consume directly on their phone. Let’s connect everyone to all the great content and thoughts bouncing around the Internet. Don’t leave anyone out or behind or without a voice.

Thanks to Dave for the heads-up!