November 25, 2004

Feel The Magic XY/XX

Originally posted by James Ransom-Wiley from Joystiq, reBlogged by ts

Feel The MagicSega has never been one to shy away from a little experimental gaming, even when heavy petting is involved. Welcome to Feel The Magic: XY/XX. Like many genre-free games, Feel The Magic is accessible to any and all, as the gameplay is limited to intuitive minigames that show off the touching capabilities of the DS. The story itself goes hand in hand with the theme, that is, it s a touching tale of two people falling in love trust us, it will draw you in

However, as is the case in real life, the story often ends too quickly, and there s not much incentive to feel the magic all over again, and again, and again. But Feel The Magic is a game that shouldn t be missed, featuring some beautiful stripped-down visuals to go with its touching love story. We would suggest hanging on to the title to show off to your friends, or better yet, lend it to your DS-owning pals who ve overdosed on Mario. So if you re hunting for a unique, little gem for your new DS go ahead and Feel The Magic, and don t forget to spread the love. Pass it on.

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