November 19, 2004

Fox TV on 3G - I want my PhoneTV

Originally posted by Shelly Palmer from EmmyAdvancedMedia, reBlogged by ts

Someone has to be first.  That’s just the way it is. has the details of the new Fox "24" mobisodes (mobile episodes) for 3G cell phones.  This is important, trust me.  While the crowd is busy shouting this down, those of us who know what business Fox is in are going to watch this experiment very, very carefully.

No, this is not the way TV will look in the future. No, this is not an emotionally satisfying experience.  No, this is not the final form of the technology.

Yes, this is a new form of communication.  Yes, this is a new way to distribute content.  Yes, there will be video content ubiquitously distributed to personal electronic devices.  Yes, the system will be bi-directional.  Yes, this is a good idea who’s time has come!

We are going to learn a great deal from Fox’s efforts.  They have taken a first step towards understanding and exploiting the new world of mass personalization.  There is no doubt that relevant content presented when you want, where you want it is an axiom of current technology.  If you want to look at one probable future of communication, look to the future thinkers at Fox!