November 11, 2004

"GOOOAL!" Ringtone

gooooal.jpg The world’s most entertaining soccer announcer Andres Cantor has gone mobile. His famous GOOOAL! call is now available as a downloadable ring tone.

Proteus , a leading creator and developer of mobile entertainment has reached an agreement with Telemundo Network sports personality Andres Cantor to feature his famous GOOOAL! call as a downloadable ring tone for mobile phones.

Proteus will market GOOOAL! through its existing relationships with all wireless carriers in the U.S.

I am thrilled to be working with this new technology, stated Cantor. Soccer is a passion that can’t be described in words and when I scream GOOOOOOAL! I know that the joy I feel at that moment is shared by millions around the world. Now everyone will be able to carry that moment of joy with them everywhere they go.

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