November 04, 2004

Here's the thoughts I've actually been having today between staring at walls, sad.

I hope the Bush girls get impregnated, asap. We need a dashing undercover “condoms are uncomfortable!” type tagteam to impregnate them. Then leak to the press about their abortions. Or let them keep their babies! Either way. Let’s watch Bush’s morals at work on that one. Longterm: The babies are gay.

I wish I grew up somewhere in Ohio hating gays and loving Jesus and war. That way I would be right today.

Maybe Teresa should have worn more hairspray. Bush and Laura look like they are chiseled out of marble…Kerry does too, as a matter of fact, very sharp…Would more hairspray have done it?

Money and religion. Money and religion. Money and religion. It all comes down to God and corporations.

OBAMA for 3018!!!