November 21, 2004

History of SMS, Early Wireless Communications

Originally posted by Howard from Smart Mobs, reBlogged by ts

The 100th anniversary issue of a an English language Norwegian journal called Telektronikk has some fascinating articles on the development of GSM and mobile communication, including a history of SMS. H ken Lie (one of the fellows that developed the Opera browser) writes about the development of Mosaic, historical articles describe one of the earliest wireless radio systems in the world — designed to communicate with the Norwegian Cod fleet.

(Thanks, Rich!)

Transferring Telektronikk onto the Web was not a straightforward task in 1993. The Mosaic browser had been released just months earlier, and procedures for preparing documents for the Web were not established. The problems experienced from this early work were directly used to propose better methods in CERN s Web project. Since then, the Web has firmly established itself as the electronic publishing platform of choice, and we should expect that the web version of Telektronikk s Cyberspace edition from 1993 also will be readable in 2043.