November 04, 2004

Misery still clings to the streets here

Misery still clings to the streets here. The sun hasn’t come out,
as everyone is saying, since George Bush was re-elected.

I have decided that I really don’t like Air America Radio so much. Al
Franken is a shrill little fucker, and he’s beginning to annoy me. It’s
the same shrieky upitsownarse tone that had. Maybe it’s just
that I’m far too English, but I’d like a little less OMG and teenagey angst
with my political horror. Bring me some more of the funny and some more of
the newsy and less of the squeaky. No-one needs to hear radio
personalities piss their pants.

Maybe I should go into radio. Diepunyhumans FM with “You’re All Doomed.”

I’m suddenly put in mind of a TV show Takeshi Kitano used to do (may still
do), the title of which roughly translates as “Japan, This Is Where You
Went Wrong.”

I got recognised on the street yesterday. Creepy.

More coffee. Bring me the coffee, Jen. I am using thought power to compel
you to bring me the coffee. I have Famous Powers now, and I telepathically
demand you bring me the coffee.

sent from Treo/Thursday, Mama Buzz, Oakland