November 02, 2004's Coverage of Whedon's Kerry fundraiser.

Allyson from describes her experience at the big “High Stakes Hootenanny.”
MODERATOR: Some person who lives somewhere wants to know if Sunnydale County votes Republican or Democrat.

ALLYSON’S BRAIN: Oooh, that’s an adorable question, I must concentrate so I remember it.

JOSS WHEDON: Sunnydale is a place where the people in charge want the citizens to keep their heads in the sand…

ALLYSON’S BRAIN: Hey, Amber Benson and Adam Busch are still dating. She has shiny hair. Shit, I’m not concentrating.

JOSS WHEDON: So, no, I’m not going to write or direct X-Men 3, because I realized no one asked me to do that and if you show up and start directing a movie when no one asked you to…

ALLYSON’S BRAIN: Shit, I totally missed the Sunnydale answer. I wonder if this will take the full two hours. Amber Benson has shiny hair.