November 23, 2004

reBlog 1.0 Launched!

Originally posted by yatta from unmediated, reBlogged by ts

Eyebeam R&D has teamed up with the UI wizards at Stamen Design to release reBlog 1.0. Check it out at It more fun and easier to install and use than ever.

Most notable is the new super-sexy online RSS/Atom Aggregator/Reader called reFeed (demo reFeed here).

We’ve also improved the Movable Type plugin to import categories from reFeed, and added a plugin for WordPress. And if you’re a reBlog beta user, we tried as hard as we could to smooth the upgrade paths, and we think you’ll appreciate the effort.

If you’re into blogs, feeds, personal publishing, and/or syndication, we think it’s worth your time to check out and reFeed, and maybe even install and try using the software.