December 25, 2004

Artist Julia Christensen investigates community reuse of old KMarts, Walmarts, etc.

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Pictured above: The Sugar Creek Charter Elementary School in in a renovated K-Mart. Charlotte, North Carolina.

Julia Christensen began investigating how Communities are Re-Using the Big Box in January of 2004. Throughout the spring and summer of 2004, she traveled over 17,000 miles around the country in her car, visiting the sites and meeting the people who are making these transformations possible. She has been collecting a growing collection of photographs, interviews, stories, and documents relating to the renovations, and has been giving presentations in communities about how towns are dealing with this common situation. She continues to travel around the country, visiting towns and giving lectures about the reuse of big box buildings in the United States. Julia is also exhibiting photography, installing video and sound work from field recordings collected throughout her travels, and creating a book of her research.