February 27, 2005

Caller IDs: Cellphone users can personalize 'ringbacks'

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Chris Marlowe for the Hollywood Reporter has written a wonderful article on ringback tones.

“Few people give it much thought, but the ringing they hear when placing a phone call is just a sound effect to reassure them the connection is going through. There’s no reason besides heritage for that sound to be a ring. And thanks to “ringbacks,” there’s no reason for it to stay that way.

Ringbacks let mobile consumers change that sound for one of their own choosing. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger could opt for constituents to hear Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Gonna Take It - his campaign song - before he or his aide answers the call.

Verizon Wireless made its first foray into this field in November, with a rollout limited to Sacramento and San Diego. Gregg Yacovone, director of marketing for the Verizon Wireless West Area, said that it was so successful that Verizon this week will expand its Ringback Tones option throughout throughout other States with plans to make the service available to its 42.1 million nationwide customers by the middle of the year.

Unlike ring tones, ringbacks reside on the network so they can be used with any mobile phone and sound similar to an FM radio.

So far, only Warner Music Group and Sony BMG are participating in ringbacks, but all major labels are confirming interest and licenses with their artists and sub- labels.”

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