March 01, 2005

Oscar Party 2005! (abridged version)

Originally posted by andrea from Andrea's Photo Blog, reBlogged by ts

How to be good Oscar Party hosts brought to you by Andrea & Jonah:


*Be prepared for that one guest who shows up early and sneaks in a “Reserved VIP” sign!


Duncan Watts isn’t a tenured professor for nothing!


*Appropriate reading material must be assembled and displayed within easy reach for quick conversation starters. The bobble headed Arnold is the special touch that brings it all together:


*Dress the part. Even if no one else does and you’re quickly becoming that delusional friend who thinks she’s at the Oscars, you must be true to the glamourous integrity of the Oscars:


*Betting opportunities. Human beings are competitive and money hungry. Work with that. In the end, no one guessed that it would be such a sweep for Million Dollar Baby! Go Clint!!


*Let your guest have a crazy eyes moment. Sally Rumble, ladies and gentlemen:


Now, back to planning for Oscar Party 2006!!

[Follow the link for the full version at Andrea’s site, or catch Chelsea’s alternate recap. Here was our favorite part:

If you didn’t see Vera Drake and are now looking at this picture, you may check it off your to do list. This is the movie in a nutshell.

A&J - Sorry we couldn’t be there! - R&T]