May 16, 2005

E3: Sony Gave Me Cancer

Originally from Gizmodo, reBlogged by ts

So despite the fact that I can provide all the press credentials they need, Sony has cockblocked me from the PS3 press conference. I’ve done everything I know how to do, but they’ve left me out to roast in the overcast oven of the Sony Pictures Culver City production lot.

At this point, I have two options: wait for a few hours while Brian writes about fucking finger-sized hot dogs and hope that my RSVP at the Xbox event isn’t boned; book a ticket back to the New York and kill everyone who I’ve ever loved (currently in the front running); take the video camera and bum rush the line, yelling insults about SCEA and the asshole PR firm flunkies who have the gall to let reporters from print magazines but not an internet superstar. The third option would be the most entertaining for you (I hear the LAPD make for great video), but since we don’t have a way to host video, it’s probably all a waste.

I want to go home.