May 10, 2005

Fan Mail

Kevin Punsky writes:
Saw your liberal comments on Huffington. Get real. There are no Senate rules on judicial filibusters. In fact, there have never been filibusters on judicial nominees in the history of this nation. They’re not even filibusters. It’s obstructionism. You lost the election. These judges deserve up or down votes. There’s no debate you can win. You can lie and liberal yourself silly. Conservative judges are coming and you and your ilk can sit back and enjoy the ride.

A power grab? You dumb fuck for brains. It’s called winning elections.
Something you have no clue about.

Saw your nutty rant on global warming, which doesn’t exist. Let me take one big guess — you’re militant and gay.

[all links added are mine. and kevin’s right - the nutty rant he’s referring to does not exist. There is an abstract of a Reuters article below, however. —tim]