May 16, 2005

Mobile Games Stake A Claim At E3

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Nobody should be surprised that mobile games are making a big splash at E3, so we’ll cut right to the chase. Game journo Keith Stuart has covered the big producers at E3 and the mobile games they ll be showing off if you want to know what EA is (finally) doing in the mobile game scene, read the article to find out. My personal favorite, the pebble-skipping sim from Korea named Skipping Stone.
The New York Times also covered mobile games at E3 from a less game-detailed and more investor oriented point of view. Apparently investors are intrigued with wireless gaming was the potential for big profit margins. Unlike makers of PC or console games, mobile game makers do not have to spend money to package their goods . And the startups aren t concerned with the entry of big players like EA or THQ into the market: The soccer mom and the cab driver are not looking for complex, three-dimensional games.
Nokia has also announced the release of three multiplayer mobile games it seems the company has come to the same conclusion as Motorola that the ability to connect players from across the world on different carrier networks is a differentiating factor.
Age of Piracy indulges gamers in the fantasy of playing fearless pirates and merciless traders on the unpredictable Caribbean Sea. Head-to-head sea battles, chatting with pirate mates and battle rankings add to the thrill of this treacherous voyage. Gamers have the choice to develop their swashbuckling careers in single or multiplayer modes. Player-to-player trading, special missions to earn fame, chatting and mobile industry first rich comic graphics style round-out the unforgettable gameplay experience of this buccaneer bonanza.
3D Pool allows people to play against others in a 3D Pool game (European 8 Ball, U.S. 8 Ball, or U.S. 9 Ball) The whole essence of shooting pool is to play it with your friends and brag about your last shot , said Elliot Gay, Managing Director of The Code Monkeys. With Nokia SNAP Mobile we have been able to take this atmosphere to mobile phones and create the best connected pool game available for mobile handsets to date. It’s expected to be available later this year.
Space Shooter is set in a persistent online world where players take part in a massively cooperative, ship-to-ship war against an attacking alien horde. A live moderator keeps the game fresh by guiding the alien fleets and adding new starbases, alien nests and other challenges.