May 15, 2005

NASA's silent speech system

Originally posted by David Pescovitz from Boing Boing, reBlogged by ts

David Pescovitz: In my latest article for TheFeature, I look at the latest developments in NASA’s subvocal speech system. (Previous related posts here and here.) From the article:
 Images  Centers Ames Images Content 78098Main Acd04-0024-001 How do you talk to someone without opening your mouth? Psychics call it telepathy. NASA refers to it as subvocal speech. Scientists at the NASA Ames Research Center in California have developed a system of tiny sensors that read nerve signals in the throat that control speech. You may not make a sound when, say, you read silently, but your nervous system is buzzing with activity. Recently, they used the system to make the first subvocal cell phone call.