June 10, 2005

MoCCA preview

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This is so going to rock. The whole gang is going to be there — D&Q, Top Shelf, Alternative Comics, Fantagraphics, Adhouse, the new Buenaventura Press.


NBM, Global Hobo, iBooks, Meathaus, and Pantheon.


thrills spills and surprises! Get a load of the exhibitor list…it’s stellar.

The panel schedule alone is to die for. Adrian Tomine! Gary Panter! Neal Adams! Dan Clowes and Jonathan Lethem! Paul Karasik and R. Sikoryak! Sheesh, how are we supposed to walk around to score “review copies” when we’re going to be in the panel room all day? Seriously, it’s going to be a tough choice.

Anyway, here’s the details: if you live around New York City you will have only yourself to blame if you miss this.

WHAT: Fourth Annual MoCCA Art Festival
A celebration of the world s most popular art form!

WHEN: Saturday, June 11th & Sunday, June 12th
11:00am 6:00pm each day

WHERE: The Puck Building
295 Lafayette at Houston
New York City