June 13, 2005

Television reloaded

Originally posted by Gerrit Visser from Smart Mobs, reBlogged by ts

Newsweek special on The Future of Television.

The transformation is underway. Soon you’ll be able to watch anything you want, anywhere whether on a huge high-definition screen or on your phone.

Internet is open to any digital content, your television will merge with other activities.(..)

Video would be served directly, like everything else on the Web. “Most flat-panel TV sets will have Internet connections in their future,” says Steve Shannon, founder of Akimbo, a Web video service that has content deals with more than 100 partners (..) Others focus on the prospect of outsiders’ gaining access to your TV set, as bloggers have invaded media on the Web.

there is more data downloaded for video over the Internet than there is for music,” says Mike Ramsay, cofounder of TiVo. “What happens when a 14-year-old creates a BitTorrent browser that’s easy to use and plugs right into your TV? You go from 500 channels to 50 million channels.”

We soon may find out, as a number of open-source-inspired Internet efforts hope to open the floodgates. “We have tools to let anyone make high-quality videos to reach millions of people,” says Tiffiniy Cheng of the Participatory Culture Foundation in Worcester, Massachusetts.

“We’ll give a channel to anyone who wants a channel.”