September 07, 2005

KatrinaHome by WAP

Originally posted by Jamais Cascio from WorldChanging: Another World Is Here, reBlogged by ts

katrinahome.gifWe mentioned the website the other day — it’s a site designed to match people with available space with evacuees from the hurricane zone. This is exactly the kind of offering for which the web is ideally-suited: a bottom-up provision of assistance to strangers, mediated by decentralized networks. It’s such a good idea that started, providing similar connections, the very next day!

But KatrinaHome founder Rod Edwards (who also runs WorldChanging ally has taken the site to a new level, and has done something very, very smart: now has a WAP interface for access via cellular phones. (WAP, or Wireless Access Protocol, allows for simplified web pages to be sent over standard cellular networks.) allows people with mobile phone connections but no computer — almost certainly a not-insubstantial number of the evacuees — the ability to access the housing database. Although some advanced mobile phones can run full-blown web browsers, a far larger number are limited to WAP-based sites. By making available over WAP, Rod has dramatically expanded the number of people who could take advantage of the match-making service.

This is something worth talking about more widely, and if you’re running a weblog or mailing list — or even just conversing with your circle of friends about the hurricane aftermath — consider giving it a link.

(Edit: And, as David says in the comments, thank you, Rod. This is truly wonderful work on your part.)

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