December 12, 2005

a little art


Won’t make much money, and that just makes me love it more: START MOBILE is a new mobile wallpaper store featuring the work of emerging and underground mobile artists, from the START SOMA gallery, and powered by ipsh! This should generate some great buzz for the gallery and all involved, and if it gets these artists’ work on a whole bunch of people’s phones, can only be good. The site is live now, and the scope is awesome — this is from the press release:

Artists featured in the launch of START MOBILE span the globe (and beyond!), and include Dee Adams, Aiko, Alaagy, Lisa Alisa, Scatha G. Allison, Birgit Amadori, Apex, Atome, Oksana Badrak, Bask, Bennett Robot Works, Bigfoot, Tim Biskup, Blame, Bo130, Boogie, Branded, Braveland, Buff Monster, BunnyKitty, Calma, Cheba, David Choe, Tricia Choi, Sas and Colin Christian, Cikita, Christopher Coggan, Container, Corporate Pig, Cottin, CrAiGer, Creeper, CRFTP, Culprit Research Project, Cum*, Matthew Curry, D*Face, Daddy Cool, Steven Daily, Daim, Dangerous Breed, Michael De Feo, Dephect, DHM, Nicholas diGenova, Melissa Dodd, Stephan Doitschinof, Dope Pope, Durkl, Kirsten Easthope, Edit Ion, Ingi Erlingsson, Brian Ermanski, Es Gibt, ESM, Danny Estrada, Eugene And Louise, Eyeon, Shepard Fairey, Fat Cop, Josh Feldman, Rod Filbrandt, David Flores, Friends With You, Full Bleed, Gameskins, Tim Gaskin, Fawn Gehweiler, Mark Gettys, Go Hero, Graphonic, Tim Hall, Hambot, Thomas Han, Lisa Henderling, Ryan Heshka, Boris Hoppek, Aidan Hughes, I-Manifest, Insa, The Intergalactic Art Exposition (curated by Jonathon Keats), Jordin Isip, Giulio Iurissevich, Neil Jeffery, Ward Jenkins, Jeremyville, Sylvia Ji, JU$T ANOTHER RICH KID, Yumiko Kayukawa, James Kingman, Kinpro, Klutch, Kozyndan, Jefrey Lacson, Lazy Afternoon, Kasper Ledet, Danyol Leon, Steve Lipman, LMAC, Nicole Locher, Amanda Lopez, Amanda Lynn, Mike Maas, Steve Mack, Alayna Magnan, Andrew Mallalieu, Mars, Manu Custom, Masa, Richard May, Boots McGhee, Liz McGrath, Meomi, Mishfit, Mishka, Model Slut In Paradise, Momorobo, Lynne Naylor, Adam Neate, NeckCNS, Neon, No Pattern, Nome, Norm, Ogi, OK47, Martin Ontiveros, Option G, Kelly Ording, Eric Orr, Ernie Paniccioli, Pandarosa, Parskid, Chris Pastras, Pesky Humans, Shaunna Peterson, Chris Pew, Mark Atomos Pilon, Plasticgod, Poplab, Punga Visual, Punkadelik, Pure Evil, Quality Of Life, Vinnie Ray, Brandon Reese, Regular Product, Retna, Chris Reccardi, Rinzen, Riv, Robots Will Kill, Rockn, Isis Rodriguez, Rxmance, Ashkan Sahihi, Michael Salter, Elisa Sassi, Seacreative, Seak, SEVER, SFaustina, Chris Silva, Winston Smith, SoCity, Damon Soule, Bwana Spoons, Stencil1, Hannah Stouffer, Terratag, Michael Terpeza, Tes One, Preston Thomas, Tokidoki, Howie Tsui, Kelly Tunstall, TV Boy, Ubiquity, Kirsten Ulve, Unkl, Urban Medium, Nikki Van Pelt, Viagrafik, Visual Narcotics, Vulcan, Waleska, Ben Watts, Warner Williams, Thomas Wolf, Baron Wolman, The World Chico, Yoffy, Yoskay Yamamoto, Yummy Industries, Linda Zacks, Marco Zamora, Zoltron, and Zonenkinder.


Side note, I’ve had an Ogi wallpaper on my mobile phone for a couple of months now — a shot I took of a little poketo print of his I own — and it’s great to see so many of his works up here.

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