February 06, 2006


Keeping up with the reBlogging has been tough as late - the amount I post is pretty proportional to how many feeds I read, as well as how much time I have, and when either drops off, so does shey.net.

It doesn’t help that I’m constantly on the road these days — in this week alone, I’ll be in DC twice, NYC twice, and LA somewhere in between.

That said, I’m going to make a last ditch effort to keep this page interesting. There’s certainly plenty of interesting stuff going on — what I’m doing these days includes a healthy mix of social networking, game design, broadband media, and mobile and handheld projects, and it’s kept my head constantly spinning. So I may skew shey.net closer to my professional interests for a while and see how that works.

So, look out for posts. This one’s to make sure I put some here soon.