April 14, 2006


Originally from Chelsea Peretti, reBlogged by ts

Last night I saw Bjork. I saw Bjork out. I went dancing and I saw Bjork. Sure, you see celebrities all the time in NY and you act and generally feel pretty lowkey about it. But this was Bjork and she is more like another creature. It was like seeing a…what’s an exotic animal…hold on…IM check:

Friendship is useless.

Plus, I do an impression of her. There was this weird compulsion: “She needs to know that I do an impression of her, she should know that.” I kept feeling the illogical urge to have her know that and then remembering she should never care. The thing is with anyone in the public eye, you know them and they don’t know you and that’s it, end of story. Never try to reverse that in a one second encounter it will always suck for all involved. It’s yet another instinct to learn to smother as an advanced human being. Yep, I’m an advanced human being. I’m Level 3.

Then I had a dream I met Wendy Williams. It was the type dream where I was running through a building not sure where I was going and wound up in her studio where she had just finished her show. I saw the window by her and I was freaking out that it was the window.

God, this blog has never sucked more. I’m telling you a dream. I promised myself it would never get like this.

Sometimes, my friends, it’s a choice between content and quality. Today, content won.