July 24, 2006

mr. gore goes to wal-mart

The most surprising recent stop on Al Gore’s enviro-blitz was not the cover of Wired, or even Entertainment Weekly (although that was pretty awesome), but a rockstar standing ovation at Wal-Mart headquarters from over 800 employees. Grist magazine covered Gore’s adventure at the unlikely epicenter of evangelism and environmentalism.

Mid-afternoon brought a screening of An Inconvenient Truth; more than a few audience members could be seen dabbing teary eyes as the documentary drew to a close. Then the entire crowd erupted into a standing ovation when the lights came back on and Gore trotted up to the stage, Tipper in tow.

“That’s a larger round of applause than we gave for Wayne Newton!” joked Scott while introducing Gore, who, in turn, showered the audience with reciprocal cheer: “Doesn’t it feel good to have this kind of [environmental] commitment? Don’t you feel proud?”

Have you ever felt like you’re living in the alternate universe, after the main one went off in the true intended direction? This is where we live now: Earth-Two.