September 21, 2006

4 gigs


Here’s kind of a nice story, because it’s always good to hear about really talented people getting a good gig (and after all, it’s Happy Week). One of the new downloadable iPod games, Mini-Golf (pictured above) was created with the graphic contributions of illustrators Jeff Miracola, Julian Hector, Nuno Alves, and Justin Degarmo, all of whom were found by an EA art director because they had been featured by the awesome blog Drawn, one of our top 5 daily reads.

Buy Mini Golf here — I don’t know if that makes them any more money, but it’s certainly supporting their work.

update: Check out the comments thread on Drawn, which talks about the pretty lame trend of game studios like EA increasingly not crediting artists on games. Makes me reconsider the whole above post a bit.