September 20, 2006

Amanda Across America


Amanda Congdon and Mario Librandi’s new project, Amanda Across America, launched yesterday.

They’ll be travelling all over the country for the next five weeks with co-pilots Emily Golub and Rob Librandi, meeting a lot of interesting people and making a portrait of the United States today as they find it.

This site couldn’t have happened without the support, both in terms of logistics and funding, of Environmental Countdown and the NRDC, who will be helping the team in some creative ways to highlight pressing environmental concerns along the way. But it’s not just about environmental activism — the trip is about people who are getting involved in their communities, creating media, and expressing themselves. It should be a blast.

Special personal thanks go to Jed Alpert of Rights Group and Ramsay Adams of Environmental Countdown, who believed in this project and introduced us to all the right people to make it possible.

Today — Day 2 — AAA has posted a video interview with Josh Wolf, taped yesterday, before he was remanded again to federal custody. Josh Wolf, if you don’t know his story yet, is a bonafide American hero (we will be meeting more than one of those) who, whatever his merits as a journalist are, is taking a personal stand for all of our rights as citizens, and you can learn more about how to support him at his website,