September 19, 2006

regine makes throwies / come out and play

So great to finally meet Regine after enjoying her incomparable blog for so long. She met up with a few of her far-flung internet friends at Eyebeam today, and when Mike Frumin launched into an impromptu demo on how to make LED Throwies (think the simplest thing imaginable, then make simpler), I had to grab her camera and take a few shots of two of the smartest people I know sitting at a table together.

I can’t think of a time I’ve walked into Eyebeam where I haven’t met great, interesting people — Eyebeam’s extended family counts for most of my friends in New York these days — so if you can, stop by one of the Come Out and Play events there this weekend, which look incredibly fun. Regine and I got to see Spencer Kiser and Tikva Morowati setting up Sonic Body Pong, where you have to track the ball on the court by sound alone, and it’s hard to believe that’s just one of twenty real-world games in play this weekend.

Another thing: I just found out that Rocketboom’s Andrew Baron, whom I also met through Eyebeam, took over guest reblogger duties at the reBlog last week, which is sure to be an interesting run.