October 14, 2006

charity as marketing

Photo by tais.

We walked by the Apple Store on Fifth today and its pretty stunning the amount of support Apple is putting behind the red nano launch. The apple logo itself has gone red in the giant cube, and all the employees have new red t-shirts. When you think of the millions being spent by Apple to market the nanos, versus how much will actually be donated to the cause, something seems a bit off. But it sure gives a nice (RED) polish to the Apple.

On that note, we’ve figured out a way to make 100% of the cost of your red nano go directly to relief in Africa. You simply have to skip buying the nano and donate the money directly to a grassroots organization working on the problem. After asking around a bit, IDEX seems a good place to start — see their South Africa and Zimbabwe programs — and they accept $250 donations online. That’s about the retail amount of a red nano and an album or two on iTunes, after taxes.