October 14, 2006

product (red) ipod [updated]


We love the new PRODUCT (RED) ipod nano (with $10 of the $199 purchase price going to AIDS relief). That’s only 5%… and considering that the materials of a 4GB nano only cost around $90, don’t assume this is a non-profit item in any way. It’s just a little less profitable and the excess is going to a good cause. What would really be cool is if they’d donate 5% of every iTunes purchase you bought for the RED nano as well, so that there was an ongoing donation element like the Amex Red or the Red RAZR (both programs available in the UK only, but supposedly Sprint is getting on board soon).

update: according to MacNN, there’s also a product(red) itunes gift card coming out next month. We like this — and you can be sure any donations on those will come out of Apple’s profits, not the record labels’.