November 16, 2006

ze's HUGE in amsterdam

There’s a really long essay up on Andrew Baron’s personal website,, right now (no comment this time, other than TL;DR) that currently has a bunch of Google trends graphs comparing Ze Frank and Rocketboom searches.

Most of it probably has the intended effect (though he would have had a tougher fight against the mighty shey search, which I rule!) except for this one image, which makes it look like Ze is huge with the Dutch.

(red are google searches for ze frank, blue are searches for rocketboom)

The funny thing is, I noticed this too, way back in May, when I typed Ze’s name into Google Trends. I asked him then about his wild popularity in the land of wooden shoes and smoke shops, and his response:

I think that its because “ze” is the word for “the.” its not my site…