January 18, 2007

Channel Frederator Awards Party

I’ll be in LA next week for the Channel Frederator Awards Party, an event being thrown to celebrate one year of video podcasts featuring animators’ work from all over the world, and the winners of the Channel Frederator Awards which were voted on at the end of last year.

Channel Frederator is one of the podcasts that were the foundation for Next New Networks, and we’ve invited a lot of friends from the videoblogging and podcasting world to come hang with us. It should be a fun event and a nice celebration of independent online media. The Frederator crew has assembled a beautiful souvenir program for the event as well, with essays and art from a lot of interesting and talented people.

Please check out the revamped Channel Frederator website, too — still very much a work in progress, but we’ve made the episodes available for viewing online for the first time, and have a lot more planned in the coming months to expand the vision of an independent animation network on the web.