November 19, 2004

Sex and the iPod

Originally posted by Buzz Andersen from Sci-Fi Hi-Fi, reBlogged by ts

Last night a friend and I were at the bar of a popular Las Vegas nightclub called rumjungle. We were sitting next to a trio of attractive, cosmopolitan young ladies, who were in the process of being chatted up by a trio of eager young men. At one point, my ears pricked up, because the topic of their conversation had turned to the iPod. The girls all professed their deep love for Apple’s chic music player, and everyone took turns enthusing about their devices’ respective song counts. Meanwhile, on the screens above the bar and dance floor, some familiar looking psychedelic computer graphics were pulsating. If that left any doubt as to which popular jukebox application was providing the evening’s soundtrack, a white Apple logo soon materialized to dispell them.

To say that Apple has gained some mindshare in the music business lately would, I think, be a severe understatement.

Interestingly, there was even a ray of hope for those of us who work on Apple’s less sexy, non-music products: one of the girls went one step further and proudly announced that she had gone “all Mac for everything,” which struck me as a pretty geeky topic of conversation for the mating ritual (at least outside of Silicon Valley). Could it actually be possible that “Hey baby, I work on Mac OS X” is about to become an effective pickup line? One can dream…