December 22, 2004

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Originally posted by Warren Ellis from die puny humans, reBlogged by ts


2004: the year blogging got boring and the year commenting systems broke. The year Bit Torrent got really big and the year the Motion Picture Association Of America somehow became a world power. The year Indymedia finally managed to frighten someone and the year managed to convince no-one. The year of podcasting, and the year no-one had anything to say. The year no-one paid any attention to Mperia while labels like 555 starved to death — but that’s okay, because people with day jobs tell us that art on the net should be free anyway. The year I actually read someone on a website say “I want hospitals to compete for my business.” I find myself desperately looking forward to that man’s first tumour. The year that the half of America the coasts sneer at as “flyover country” voted George W Bush back in because, according to one of his creatures, “they like the way he walks, they like the way he talks, they like the way he points at things.” The year the rest of us laughed at the electoral college system, while looking uncomfortably at our own stark lack of choices in our next general elections. The year I heard Air America radio and realised the left wing in America is beyond doomed. The year I saw The Daily Show and understood that Jon Stewart and his team realise that too. The year that the ambient sound of Britain became a collective mumbling noise. The year I discovered videoblogging and the year I discovered that almost no-one knows what to do with it.

2004: another step to the boneyard in the continuing Death Of Western Culture. You’re welcome.
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